What's with this login business?

e.oneohfive has a discriminatory streak, in that it is capable of offering different versions of itself depending on who it thinks you are.

Logging in allows the site to add a personalized touch to assorted features across the site as well as control access to certain areas containing information we'd prefer random people not to read. Like the "How to Make Weapons of Mass Destruction" section. Or the incriminating photos of the SASS President and the little-seen SASS intern.

That said, guests are more than welcome to browse the site. Most of it is wide open to all. Inclusivity being an artsci thing.

Forgotten your password?

You can use this handy-dandy page to ask for a new password, found here. Or if thats not your cup of tea, email admin@sassweb.ca and one of our trusty digital gremlins will send you an email with your username and password. We could send your birthdate too, but we figure you probably know that already.

Spontaneously logging out?

Occasionally the sassweb cookie gets messed up, leading to login errors. The general solution is to log out, delete the sassweb cookie (it should be in your cookie folder or available via an option in the preferences menu), and log back in again. Baking a batch of chocolate chip cookies and giving them to the sassweb admin might work too. You never know until you try.