LSAT Practice

This site is ours. Ours as in the Society of Arts & Science Students, a recognized association of the McMaster Students Union [sic]. Terribly selfish sounding, we know, but until the revolution comes, that out-of-date means of professing active stewardship will have to do. Opinions and so on are either those of the Society or those of the authors. (See us legally squirm! Squirm, SASS, squirm!)

People this site does not belong to: (not an exhaustive list)

  • Anyone connected to McMaster University's Arts & Science Programme Administration. They're nice people and all, but their site is here and has less by way of cool colours and more by way of official-sounding academic descriptions and the like.

  • Anyone connected to McMasters's Department of Computing and Information Services. Again, generally friendly people. Just not our website hosts or anything.

  • Bluehost, who actually do host us, but mostly because we pay them.

  • Satan. He seemed more interested in our souls, anyway.

  • Izzy Asper. At least not yet.

    Continuing on, everything on this site, and here we include textual content, source code, graphics, photos and layout, is ours too, unless specifically noted otherwise. If you steal any of the above from us, we will hunt you down and eat you.

    On the merry old subject of hunting people down, a few words about your privacy. Yes, when you log into this website, we get a fair idea of who you are and where you're from, thanks to the magic of IP addresses. That's just the way the web works. You have our scout's honour that we aren't collecting your info and selling it to televangelists or those people who keep sending you those stupid CD-ROMS in the mail. If you use our login system, you'll also be the lucky recipient of an official sassweb cookie. As cookies go, it's a real itty-bitty tiny one -- a shrimpy little Peek Freans plain sugary thing, if you will -- and it's only used to store your password so you can automatically login again the next time you visit, saving us all blood, sweat and tears. Aside from those few lines of code, sassweb leaves you totally alone, and certainly doesn't dump anything sketchy onto your computer. We prefer to recieve than put out, you see.

    Oh, and nobody is making any money from this thing. We thought you'd like to know. There's no advertising even remotely associated with this place, so if any kind of ad is popping up when you visit us, our guess is that some naughty little software program that you oh-so-innocently thought would make your mouse cursor do a Riverdance routine on command is the culprit. Oh, Spyware. Whatever shall you guys come up with next?