2009 Thesis Presentations

Thesis presentations are half-an hour long in the library in C-105.

Days: March 16 | March 17 | March 18 | March 19 | March 23 | March 25 | March 27 | March 30 | March 31 | April 1 | April 2 | April 3 | April 6

Monday, March 16
Time Presenter (Supervisor) Topic
2:30pm Caitlin Jago (Dr. Petra Arck) Behavioural and immunological characteristics of adult mice after challenge in the intrauterine environment through induced maternal stress
Tuesday, March 17
Time Presenter (Supervisor) Topic
2:00pm Sarika Bedi (Dr. Bruce Newbold) Utilization of health care services by senior South Asian immigrants
2:30pm Cathy Conlin (Dr. Kathleen Martin Ginis) The Effects of a Social Comparison-Prevention Manipulation on Women’s Psychological Responses to an Exercise Video
Wednesday, March 18
Time Presenter (Supervisor) Topic
2:30pm Desiree Valadares (Dr. Angela Sheng) Feng Shui, Vastu Shastra and Biomimicry: Holistic Paradigms for Building Design
Thursday, March 19
Time Presenter (Supervisor) Topic
10:00am Cary Ferguson (Dr. P. Rangachari) Philosophy of system design in higher education in Ontario – what an ideal system of higher education consists of and what is stopping us from achieving one in Ontario
Monday, March 23
Time Presenter (Supervisor) Topic
1:30pm Youjin Chang (Dr. Michael Cusimano and Dr. Sheila Singh) Level of patient exposure to ionizing radiation during neurointervential procedures and risk of tumorogenesis after neurointervential procedures
2:00pm Deirdre Mulcahy Transitions: Redefining Identities through Narrative Therapy
2:30pm Marcella Jones Understanding the regulatory functions of interferon regulatory factor 3 (IRF3) splice variants in response to viral stimuli
Wednesday March 25
Time Presenter (Supervisor) Topic
10:30pm Ryan van Meer (Dr. Anders Runesson) The social and self-understood meaning of sacrificial ritual in Greco-Roman religion, Judaism and Christianity
11:00am Rika Sawatsky (Dr. Mark Rowe) Japanese Participation in the Christian Church – a Missionary Perspective
11:30am Davide Cina (Dr. Peter Margetts) "Localized Gene Regulation in Progressive or Resolving Renal Fibrosis"
2:00pm Meg Casson (Dr. Nancy Pollock) The Parent Experience and Family Empowerment in ‘Focus on Function’ – a randomized controlled trial comparing two rehabilitation interventions for young children with cerebral palsy
2:30pm Stephen Scott (Dr. Hayden King) An Independent Study of Canadian Metis History, Culture and People
3:00pm Tamara Sandor (Dr. Jean Wilson) The exploration of the relationship between narrative and place
Friday, March 27
Time Presenter (Supervisor) Topic
1:30pm Tings Chak Our Human Constellation: Participatory Planning and the Struggle over Placemaking
2:00pm Zsuzsi Fodor To Feed a City: Assessing the Development of Counter-Mainstream Localized Food Systems in Hamilton and their Potential for Achieving Community Food Security
2:30pm Cara Weymes An Exploration of Reflective Learning
Monday, March 30
Time Presenter (Supervisor) Topic
1:30pm Muneeb Ansari ( Global Food Prices, Food Crises, and Inequality
2:00pm Debjani Poddar Examining the psychological journeys of refugees through lived experiences in refugee camps, resettlement and rehabilitation
2:30pm Tim Bourns Primal Ethnometaphysics: Mythology, Mysticism, and Nature
3:00pm Jeanette Eby Relationships and Creativity for Community Resilience in Hamilton
Tuesday, March 31
Time Presenter (Supervisor) Topic
1:00pm Nick Davies (Dr. Jon Stone) A Computational Analysis of the Structure and Origins of the Genetic Code
1:30pm Chris Evans The Headscarf Controversy in Turkey: Negotiating Secularism and Political Islam, and Envisioning non-Western Modernities
2:00pm Alysia Lau (Dr. Richard Stubbs) Afghanistan Transposed: Examining Canadian Newsprint and the Kandahar Mission
2:30pm Sehr Tejpar (Dr. Louis Greenspan) Secularism and Islam as a ‘Way of Life’?
Wednesday, April 1
Time Presenter (Supervisor) Topic
10:30am Deepa Jahagirdar (Dr. Michelle Ghert) Quality of Life in Patients with Cancer of the Musculoskeletal System
11:00am Sharandeep Takhar (Dr. Bruce Newbold) Immigrant Adjustment: Foreign credential recognition among the Greater Toronto Area’s Newcomer Community
11:30am Ben Freeman (Dr. Vic Satzewich) The history of Hamilton’s immigrant communities
2:00pm Francesca Cardwell (Dr. Bruce Newbold) The relationship between climate change and food security in Sub-Saharan Africa
2:30pm Justina Chong (Dr. Jean Wilson) Creative responses to the works of E.T.A. Hoffmann and Heinrich von Kleist
3:00pm Dave Matyas (Dr. William Coleman) The Politics of Climate Change: An Exploration of the Adapting Role of Inuit in Northern Discourse
Thursday, April 2
Time Presenter (Supervisor) Topic
9:00am Sabrina Youash (Dr. Amie Cullimore) Levels of Psychiatric Intervention and Other Factors Associated with Postpartum Depression
9:30am Esther Hill (Dr. Stephen Westerholm) The role of the Church in the fall of Communism in East Germany, Poland and Romania
10:00am Youjin Chang The influence of academic medicine during the Nazi Period on the evolution of medical ethics
Friday, April 3
Time Presenter (Supervisor) Topic
2:00pm Claire Schiller (Dr. Sigal Balshine) Dietary transfer of contaminants: The Round Goby in Hamilton Harbour
2:30pm Stephanie Ladowski (Dr. Ken Rosenthal) The effects of innate anti-protease, trappin-2/elafin on resistance to Influenza
3:00pm Harjot Atwal (Dr. John Stout) To Write an Original Novel
Monday, April 6
Time Presenter (Supervisor) Topic
10:00am Marlee Calligan (Dr. John Weaver) How the Hamiltonian identity has transformed in the past century
10:30am Leenah Walsh (Dr. Kevin Brazil) The Role of Personal Support Workers (PSW’s) in Long Term Care (LTC)
11:00am Jackie Eindhoven (Dr. Brian Lichty) Quantifying the mutation rate of VSV: Revisiting the belief that RNA viruses have significantly high mutation rates/frequencies