Welcome to the Nut House

A non-threatening shoutout to our new first years (and assorted onlookers)!

I imagine the website has totally creeped you out by now. This is somewhat intentional, I assure you. Artscis are all weird, each in their own subtle way. This site, however, combines, collates and concentrates that weirdness. Think of sassweb as something of an artsci hash pipe. Actually, don't. That might get us in trouble.

So with that in mind, poke around this place and see what you can glean about the artsci experience that's in store for you in September. It'll most likely be terribly, horribly, incorrect. (We'll laugh with you, not at you.) I might as well point out that similarish information is likely already in your lap via the SASS summer mailout, expertly engineered by our VP-Functions.

See you in September!

New Student Registration for sassweb

Those blank username/password boxes at the top of every page have undoubtedly piqued your curiosity. Or not.

Basically, you can do marginally more stuff with this website if you have a username set up. There's a little more info here. sassweb accounts are also the basis of the SASS chatbook and forums, so this has a slightly more tangible purpose than just making the web guys happy.

We're going to hold you down and make you get one within the first week of school, so if you want to be really keen and get this out of the way earlier, please use the form below. There's no real rush or anything and not a whole lot in it for you, except a monumental feeling of accomplishment and the geekiest bragging rights ever.

Needless to say, this info is stored under some pretty spiffy internet security and will not be made available to anyone outside the program for any reason whatsoever.

Here's how it works:

1. You give us the following information:

  • Your name:

    This is actually a little more complex than it seems. We want what people actually call you. (ie Jennifer Smith might become Jen Smith, or Jenn Smith, or Jenny Smith; David Jones might become Dave Jones; and poor Ignacio Jose Maria Fernandez might become Iggy Fernandez, etc.) If you go by your middle name, give us that and ignore your (likely crazy-strange) first name altogether. Oh, and make sure you give us first and last names (no middle initial or anything pretentious), make sure the spelling's exactly how you like it used, and capitalize the letters that you like capitalized. If your name legitimately should be spelt with some jazzy accent-like character and you're happy punching whatever codes that are needed every so often, go right ahead and use them. sassweb's sturdy like that.
  • Your given name:

    This one should be what the registrar thinks your name is. Just lets us double check you are who you are.
  • Your email:

    Really important that it works, for soon-to-be obvious reasons.
  • A password:

    ...that excites and empassions you. Or something. At least make it creative. By the way, we're pretty straight shooters here on the sassweb team, so none of us can see these things (we don't even store it properly). That means you should try to pick something you can remember though...
  • Your postal code:

    Yeah, we do actually need it to prove you're you. Sorry.
  • Your favourite prepackaged food:

    Token silly question.
  • Music you would guess would be popular with artscis:

    For our own research purposes. Seriously.

2. You push the submit button, sassweb launches a new window, you check your stuff over inside it, punch confirm, then close the window once everything goes through.

3. You wait. See, this isn't a totally automated system. We have to do some, uh, stuff. Not too much, if you're worried about misusing our time. But you should get an email once the account is set up. We begin sending out passwords until welcome week or so.

That covers it. If you run into any problems, drop us a line. (If you're having problems with step 1, you might as well email in your answers.) Thanks for serving our whims.