Formal Committee
Responsible for organizing Semi in December, and Formal in the Spring, this committee is looking for you if you feel strongly about centerpieces, love looking fancy, or if you just really like lighting candles. Join the formal committee and help plan the two yearly events that (most of) your friends will never forget.
For more information, contact Marina at

SRA McMaster
The Student Representative Assembly (SRA) is a group of elected students that collectively form the McMaster Students Union (MSU), which advocates for McMaster undergraduate students and provide a variety of services to them (see for details).

The Arts and Science SRA representative represents the entire Arts and Science program. This rep attends the biweekly SRA meetings and advocates for students in ArtSci by relaying information from the meetings to ArtSci students at weekly SASSEX meetings, and votes on MSU motions according to the interests of ArtSci students.

The Arts and Science SRA Observer is not a voting member of the SRA but collaborates with the SRA Representative on projects to improve ArtSci, and both attends SASSEX and SRA meetings
For more information, contact Pearl at

Pop Committee
The Pop Committee, as the name suggests, keeps the mini-fridge in C105 stocked with a variety of cold, delicious pop (and other beverages as well.) We'll probably keep in touch via email, with the occasional pop run or carbonation-based strategy meeting. Any volunteers are most welcome, especially those who have strong opinions on the pop fridge, enjoy rolling coins, or sometimes have access to a car. (Pop is heavy.)
For more information, contact Maddie at

Program Advisory Committee
What does Program Advisory do once Closed and Open Forum are over? We meet with the Program Director, attend Council of Instructors meetings, and talk with individual professors´┐Żbut there's not much dialogue with other students! The Program Advisory Committee is intended to increase student dialogue about academic matters. We'll be talking about courses, professors, teaching assistants, interdisciplinarity, program vision, and anything else that floats your (academic) boat. We hope to have mandatory biweekly or monthly meetings. In order to have a productive year, we ask for your full commitment.
For more information, contact Gali & Stephen at

Yearbook Committee
Arts & Science's exclusive yearbook, The Abstract, is a compilation of photos, witty professor quotes, and all the SASS-y memories of the year. The committee comes up with an epic theme and strives to capture all the memorable moments in Arts and Science. Get involved by making pages in Adobe InDesign, or for those less technically inclined, take snazzy photos, join our editing team, or just collect hilarious prof quotes! Make your mark on SASS history!
For more information, contact Maddie at

Social Committee
The Social Committee - we plan, run and review events throughout the year, usually involving alcohol and loud music. Our goal is to get different members from different social groups in Artsci to help with the events, so that everyone feels that "it's their friends party". This is not to increase attendance or to pat our own backs, but to make it so people who wouldn't normally attend Artsci events feel welcome.

One hour, every two weeks. We will meet.

Events we will run this year include: Karaoke, Halloween, Kauffehaus, Party Workshops (Dance, DJ, Prep and Management), an o'so'mysterious second term event, iSci/Healthsci collaborative pub crawls, and Trivia Nights.
For more information, contact Lauren at

Functions Committee
For those times when you need to let that funk flow... The functions posse meets on an entirely random basis to discuss our upcoming gigs: Milk'n'Cookies, Survival Series, Inquiry Weekend, Student-Prof events, and anything else that jumps into our minds. They also bake delicious cookies.

If you are interested in bouncing around ideas for the events, helping to organise them, or just baking, please join up!
For more information, contact Chris at

Website Committee
The Website Committee keeps this site up and running - we're remodelling and upgrading this year so there's LOTS to do! There is a fair amount of technical work that needs to be done (anyone with any knowledge of HTML, PHP, or database querying is very much valued! People proficient in Google searching and problem solving are also welcome!), but there is also room for non-technical work. Artists, concept developers, layout connoisseurs, and anyone who wants to learn new language(s) are welcome!
We meet regularly on chat. We also sometimes meet in person when we get lonely.
For more information, contact Jamie & Matthew at

Community Committee
SASS Community Committee or Communittee (credit: Alex Epp) is a community in and of itself that endeavours to build, strengthen, and bridge the communities that surround it, including those of McMaster, Hamilton, and the WORLD! As members, we envision a future in which well-being is accessible to all and we consider connecting as the surest path to it. We firmly believe that magic happens where people meet. For this reason, as a group, we strive every day to foster and inspire connections. Notably, we gather often, run workshops, share resources, raise awareness of community events, and plan events of our own. Among our favourites are the Progressive Dinner, Storytelling for Kiva, the Amazing Race of Hamilton and the Squash/Scrabble/Euchre Tournament. We also love trying out new ideas, so be prepared to be pleasantly surprised! A Coffee Shop Hop, anyone? What about a flash mob? Or maybe a city cycling workshop and downtown tour?? There are so many ways to pop the McMaster Bubble!

Interested in being part of the Communittee, or simply staying connected with it? You can e-mail Clare MacDonald, your Communittee Chair, at Oorrrr, you can join the Communittee Facebook group, which is one of our primary means of connecting. What would the Communittee be without members? Not a community, that's for sure. Please consider joining us! A passion for connecting is the only requirement :)
For more information, contact Clare at