Sassweb has gone mobile!

Introducing Sassweb for iPhone:


  • Multiple Forums
    Cover chat, and check the news in one place. Search for books, and find out about new courses. Sassweb for iPhone does it all!
  • Profile Search
    Need to call your study buddies but forgot their number? Can't remember what your sib looks like? Problems of the past once you get this app!
  • Background Fetch
    Sassweb for iPhone intelligently fetches new posts in the background, so you spend less time waiting. And it does this without impacting your phone's battery.
  • Drafts
    Spend hours planning your chat posts? Always starting things but never fi? Sassweb for iPhone has you covered. And it lets you know how many pending drafts you have, so you don't forget to finish up those posts.
  • Developer API
    Want to make a version of Sassweb for your favourite operating system? Sassweb has an open RESTful API for developers available here.
Don't wait! Check the App Store or visit this page on your phone to download now!